vitni: n, Old Norse from Proto-Germanic:
1. witness, testimony
2. evidence

Our intention is to publish writing that pushes against convention, which challenges, subverts, or skillfully manipulates tradition, and which serves to advance the understanding of human culture and experience via interesting metaphors, exciting diction, and engaging content. Good writing has always done this, but we believe this is true now more than ever before. The writers we feature are our evidence.


G. J. Sanford

G. J. Sanford is a queer poet and writer birthed and corrupted in Nevada's high desert. Their work has appeared in such journals as Lady/Liberty/Lit, Ninth Letter, Frontier Poetry, the Meadow, december, and others. They are always available to comment.

Logan S. Seidl

Logan Seidl is an instructor at the University of Nevada, Reno, and a graduate of the MFA program there.  His poetry has been published in the Kentucky Review, Crab Creek Review, The Meadow, and Vinyl, and he's been rejected by many more. He is deathly worried, among other concerns, about rampant Wi-Fi outages stopping his daily consumption of baby goat videos.