Photo by Wilmer Martinez on Unsplash

These Women Tonight

I’m with these women tonight
a quorum, a harem, a coven, a murder
greater than the sum of devalued lady parts
fearsome, united against trash talk and cat calls
everything they say about you
when you don’t back down
kiss up
make nice
I’ve got your back you’ve got mine
hers and hers sexy in our safety
pungent with our power
radiant resistors
bitches get shit done they say
so call us your names
as we conjure counterhexes
I’m with these women tonight

Author Bio:

Carrie La Seur is the award-winning author of two novels from William Morrow: The Home Place (2014) and The Weight of an Infinite Sky (2018). Her poetry, essays, short stories, book reviews, and law review articles appear in publications including the Guardian, Harvard Law & Policy Review, Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, Rappahannock Review, and Salon. She lives in Seattle.