Patrick Nevins

Hardcore Song of Myself

Cast my ashes from the stage of a club
On a Sunday matinee or the floor
Of a VFW hall so that
I might once again be pulled into the

Rush of a pit. Having bequeathed me to
The dirty floors, if you want me again
Look for me under the boot-soles of your
Doc Martens. I shall be D. Boon jamming

Econo. Mia Zapata having
Another shot of whiskey. Kurt Cobain
Inciting a gym full of teenagers.
GG Allin. Joe Coleman before the

Steel Tips’ set at CBGB’s lighting
A firecracker vest to joyful screams.

Author's Bio:

Patrick Nevins is an associate professor of English at Ivy Tech Community College. His writing appears in Schuylkill Valley Journal Online, The MacGuffin, and other journals. He is on Twitter @Patrick_Nevins.