submissions guidelines

*Please read the following guidelines thoroughly. Any submissions that do not comply with these requirements may not be read.* 

Vitni Review is published twice a year in spring and fall. We are currently open to submissions in English but hope to accommodate multiple languages in the future. We do not currently have the ability to accept translations.

Poetry: Please send us up to five poems (at no more than ten pages) in a single document in .docx or .pdf format. Please ensure each poem begins on a new page. Poems should be single-spaced unless the poet’s intended format requires otherwise. We appreciate poems of interesting or exhilarating language, but we also hope to receive poems that teach us something about the value of experience and expand our view of what it means to be a self-aware being on Planet Earth. All forms are welcome.

Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction: We seek original, unpublished flash fiction, short stories, and nonfiction pieces up to 4,000 words. If you are submitting flash fiction, please send only one piece for consideration. We request you try to keep it under 1000 words, but we can be flexible if the work really stands out. We like to publish prose pieces that exhibit a strong command of the language, but which are most distinct for their characters, plots, emotional/intellectual content, design, and visceral effect. We seek the daring and the risky, the stories which force us to question the world around us, to doubt what we once trusted implicitly. They should be sharp, but we appreciate everything from the humorous to the devastating. Submissions should be double-spaced, one-inch margins, and written in a standard font. While we place an emphasis on the "creative" part when talking nonfiction, we are also open to critical nonfiction or other essays.

Book Reviews: the Vitni Review is currently open to submissions of book reviews on forthcoming books, or books published within the last two years. Please ensure the subject line of your submission is "Book Review Submission."

All submissions should be sent to For all writing submissions, please ensure the subject line of your email reads "[insert genre] Submission." You are welcome to include a brief cover letter in the body of your email with a short (up to 50 words) bio. We do not use these to make publication decisions, but we do like to know our writers. While we understand mistakes happen, we request you do not contact us with corrections or revisions after submitting. If we choose your work for publication, we are open to discussion on this.

We strive to respond to each submission as quickly as possible, but due to life and the number of submissions, our editorial team may take up to ninety days to respond to your submission. We would appreciate you do not query us before this point. Please also refrain from submitting in any genre more than once per reading period (six months). You can send submissions in multiple genres, but again, only once per genre every six months. If one or more of your pieces is accepted elsewhere or if you need to withdraw your submission for any other reason, please contact the editors at as soon as possible, and ensure the subject of your email contains the word "Withdrawal."

If your work is accepted, you agree to give the Vitni Review First Electronic Serial Rights and Archival Rights; the editors reserve the right to republish the work in future print anthologies and/or as promotional broadsides. Authors retain rights to their work—if the work is republished in a future collection or anthology, please indicate that it originally appeared in the Vitni Review. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer monetary payment for work at this time.

**We are especially dedicated to publishing the work of writers from/within historically under- or misrepresented groups (e. g. BIPOC, writers along the LGBTQ+ spectrum, disabled writers, women writers, and/or nonbinary/gender-nonconforming writers). We also have a deep appreciation for work that draws attention to nature and/or the ongoing climate crisis.**

Thank you for trusting us with your work!