Two poems by Michelle Aucoin Wait


This Is Not an Aesop for Children

There are twenty definitions for “cock” n.1 in the OED.
In addition to these twenty versions of cock,
there are 9 different noun entries and 6 different verb entries.
Each of these entries has multiple definitions and examples of use
provided. O, the modesty of the OED—you won’t find cock = penis
until right before the compounds. There is a dick
joke buried somewhere in that revelation. Aesop wrote around 725
fables, at least two involve the cock (cock, n.1 entry 1) = fowl.
One of these fables involves a hungry fowl pecking out a meager life
for his family. He comes upon a jewel, but cares not for the jewel
as it cannot serve as food. The moral: Precious things are without value
to those who cannot prize them. But this is not what I have meant to tell
you. There is one entry each for vagina and vulva. Each of these entries
have only two corresponding definitions. Men have written about conquering
for centuries; they’ve written about cock and fowl and fighting and firing
of weapons, but we only have one listed entry for clit, n. (no number needed
for this precious jewel). Precious things are without value to those who care
not to find them. 



I want a deep tissue massage that will make me moan.
I want me and the massage therapist to exchange eyes
that beg, happy ending? I want the moon to always look
like it did that one time my husband and I pulled over
the car and howled. After, we took turns playing
with perception, snapped pictures of each other plucking
the moon from the sky. I want fat grapes fed to me
as I wax poetically about the balance it takes to be
a ballerina or a football player. In the early 80s,
Mr. Rogers changed his shoes & Lynn Swann taught
The Neighborhood how to dance. I wasn’t old enough
to get the tutu jokes, but I remember thinking art can
do anything. I want verse to enter warm into my veins,
make me dope-sick. I want someone to hold
my hair back when I can’t bear to write another word.
Nevada legalized marijuana last year; my husband keeps
asking where the money is for the schools. I keep seeing
those BuzzFeed videos about school lunches
in other countries. I want France with all its phallic spires
and arches. Erectile dysfunction impacts 5% of men
that are 40 years old. I want a semi-hard cock in my ass
50% of the time. If I write a poem about anal,
that isn’t all force and coming on someone’s back,
what will the world gain? Bavarian crème donuts
are my guilty pleasure; I never share.
There is a fable about a giraffe and a family of monkeys:
my rewards will be many.  


Author's Bio: 

Michelle Aucoin Wait (Reno, NV) is a transplant from the Deep South and now resides beside a mountain with her family and her four yorkies. Her pronouns are she / her / hers. She is a recent graduate of the MFA program at the University of Nevada, Reno. Her work has appeared or will be appearing in Tiferet, Maudlin HouseLady/Liberty/Lit, LandLocked, Porkbelly Press, The Meadow, and others. Follow her on Twitter @MWAIT53